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Borth is a long narrow, former fishing village, stretching out along the B4353 coast road, which links the main A487 road from Aberystwyth with the Dovey Estuary further north.

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Borth, Ceredigion
Image: Borth Beach

Borth sits virtually at the centre of the Cardigan Bay coastline, about 5 miles north of the much bigger seaside resort of Aberystwyth and around two miles south of the beautiful Dovey Estuary, renowned for its wonderful scenery and wildlife.

The seaside town of Aberdovey [Aberdyfi in Welsh], sits on the northern banks of the wide Dovey Estuary, a marvellous centre for sailing holidays and other water-sports.

Borth's main attraction to visitors is its wonderful long beach of golden sand and shingle, which stretches for over two miles north to south. At the northern end of this superb beach is the impressive sand dune system of the Ynyslas National Nature Reserve, also known as the Dyfi National Nature Reserve, which juts out halfway across the mouth of the Dovey Estuary, enclosing a sheltered, boat-user's haven, or even heaven, behind it.

Borth's award-winning beach is the longest in Ceredigion and has a particularly shallow gradient, making it especially popular with families with younger children and sailboard enthusiasts. The tide goes out a long way, so its shallow waters are great for the little ones to paddle in and splash about.

At the southern end of this wonderful beach, an ancient submerged forest is exposed by the ebbing tide. Welsh legend has it that the trunks of and tree stumps of old forests long hidden under sand and sea, are the remains of the land of Cantre'r Gwaelod, which disappeared under the waves of Cardigan Bay, long ago.

Cantre'r Gwaelod was protected by dykes and dams, but one night, a feast was held and the place's nightwatchman, called Seithennyn became inebriated and neglected his duty, resulting in the submerging of Cantre'r Gwaelod. After a storm and the ebbing of a very high tide, more and more of these ancient tree stumps come into view. Many visitors find this to be particularly mysterious and fascinating!

All of this coast-line is part of the Ceredigion Heritage Coast.

Halfway between Borth and Aberystwyth is Sarn Cynfelin, a prominent sand-bank stretching for miles out to sea, at right-angles to the coast.

There are several of these "sarnau" in this part of Cardigan Bay, signifying the shallowness of the water, and submerged coastal land.

Just south of Sarn Cynfelin is the popular little sea-side resort of Clarach Bay, which has large caravan sites and is great for camping holidays.

Another very interesting natural phenomenon of this wonderful area, is the magnificent Corsgoch Fochno, known to many as Borth Bog. This vast stretch of flat peat bog is over 4 miles long, bounded by the A487 Fishguard to Bangor trunk road on the eastern side; the Dovey Estuary on the northern side, with the sand dunes of Ynyslas on the western or sea-ward side.

As home to so much rare flora and fauna, it is a nature lover's dream ..........ideally located for the biology students of Aberystwyth
University, six miles down the road!!

Borth has many camp-sites and caravan holiday parks, of a very high standard, and is particularly popular with visitors from the West Midlands. Brummie accents can be heard in abundance during the summer. Not surprising! This is one of Birmingham's closest points from the sea!!

If a golfing holiday appeals to you, there is a wonderful golf course here called the Borth and Ynyslas Golf Club. It's a beautiful course, overlooking the wide vistas of Cardigan Bay, with Snowdonia as a back-cloth.

If you wish to explore a little further afield from Borth, the interesting old historic town of Machynlleth, seat of Owain Glyndwr's first Welsh Parliament, lies in the Dyfi Valley to the north-east.

North of that is magnificent Cader Idris, the most impressive mountain in the whole of Wales, to very many.

South of Aberystwyth is the 200 years old planned town of Aberaeron, with its colourful, pastel-coloured, sash-windowed houses, designed by an associate of John Nash!!

Four miles south of Aberaeron, is the bustling little harbour town of New Quay.

It has wonderful panoramic scenic views of Cardigan Bay. It is particularly popular with campers and caravanners.

19 miles south of Aberaeron, you will find Cardigan Island Coastal Farm Park [see], at Gwbert, near Cardigan. At this wonderful, stunningly-scenic location, Atlantic Grey Seals and Bottlenose dolphins can be viewed in their natural habitat.

There is also a variety of farm animals in the farm park, plus more exotic creatures such as emus,rheas,wallabies and llama. The many grey seals live in the caves below the farm park and are seen daily, with their curious heads popping out of the water, staring back at visitors, or just
lazing, half-asleep on the exposed rocks at low tide.

Cardigan Bay's Bottlenose dolphins are frequent visitors to these waters around Cardigan Island, so it is known as "The Domain of the Dolphin".

This area is only about an hour, by car, from Borth.

To sum up; Borth, Ceredigion, is wonderful for families seeking a quiet holiday, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. It has fantastic, long, sandy beaches; nature reserves with wildlife in abundance and the beautiful mountain scenery of Pumlumon, or Plynlimon, close at hand,
just to the east and north!

It is a brilliant area for a holiday or week-end break to get away from crowded industrial cities!!

Why not give it a try? You'll love it!